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The Imperial Man: Cast a masculine presence of confidence, influence and power

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Let me give you the secrets of ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE, and gain the respect and appreciation of those around you.

The King archetype is the main masculine archetype. 

Every single man harbors within him the energy of the King

Low confidence and lack of self-esteem are usually caused by being separated from the King energy.

But there is a way to access the King archetype through simple, practical steps that you can take today.

You don’t need any special abilities, as any man has the potential to harness the power of the King archetype.

Confidence is not genetic, any man can practice it and learn it. That guy you thought was just “born with it” is actually a guy that either consciously or unconsciously enacts certain qualities that give him a certain magnetism. And these are qualities that you too can develop.

Most courses regarding confidence, social dynamics and male-female relationships focus exclusively on the external, on how the world perceives you, and they don’t work on the internal, on the things that actually make you a man of great worth. That is manipulative and dishonest.

This course is not about “pretending” to be something, it’s about showing you actual steps that you can take to access the king energy, BECOME a man of worth, and BECOME an honest version of yourself that is respected and admired without having to fake anything or learn manipulative “techniques” to pose as something you’re not. 

Because I know you’re thinking about this, yes, the qualities you'll learn are also the qualities that make women attracted to you. 

Confidence is not just cool to have, it’s absolutely mandatory...

How confident you are determines most of the success you’ll have in ALL areas of your life.

The confident man gets the best jobs. 

The confident man succeeds professionally

The confident man attracts high quality women

The confident man draws people to him and can create friendships much more easily

The confident man stands firm on his beliefs

The Imperial Man is the most comprehensive confidence course available, because it not only contains lessons proven by theory but also practical, real steps and challenges that you can take in a logical order to become more confident.

The course contains:

  • Over 80 minutes of video lessons
  • Over 40 pages of document lessons
  • 3 ebooks
  • 9 guides
  • 12 Self-esteem and confidence affirmation wallpapers
  • Discounted access (80%) to the Kings Academy community.

Now, what exactly are you getting?

A comprehensive and PRACTICAL course that teaches you how to access the king energy and gain the respect and appreciation of those around you.


Module 1: Physique

Module 2: Body language

Module 3: Handsome Maxxing

Module 4: Masculine Style

Module 5: Speech

Module 6: Grooming

Module 7: Male-female dynamics

Module 8: Persuasion and general psychological principles

Closing considerations

Four bonuses:
1) Self-esteem affirmations
2) Complementary ebooks and guides
3) Additional resources
4) Kings Academy discount

You are not the only man that has felt the pains of low confidence. I too struggled with this earlier in my life. In fact, lots of men have and still do. Lots of men have also followed the course and found great success with it:

As always, the course is risk-free, as you are protected by our money-back guarantee.

If you don'd find value in the course, send me an email to simplemenblog1@gmail.com telling me why you didn't like it and you'll get your money back.

Click the “I want this button” and learn how to become a respected, royal, and confident man.

Frequently asked questions

I'm very shy, can I still benefit from the course?
You don't need any special abilities to benefit from the course. In fact, the course will be even more useful to you because you will notice results and improvements in even less time (a few weeks at most).

Will the course teach me about game and picking up women?
Yes but not in the sense you might be thinking. There's an entire module about male-female dynamics, but the course won't give you scripts, rules, or "techniques" to follow so that you can manipulate a woman into thinking you're a man of high value. This course is about honesty as much as it is about confidence, which is why the module about women will teach you what valuable women look for in a man, what they like and dislike, and teach you how you can BECOME a man that women will feel attracted to and want to be with.

How long will it take before I see results?
It depends on how quickly you go trhough the course and adopt the principles it teaches, but you will likely notice a dramatic increase in confidence in a few weeks.

If I have questions after following the course, what can I do?
You can DM me or write in the discord community that you'll get access to when purchasing the course.

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The Imperial Man: Cast a masculine presence of confidence, influence and power

8 ratings
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