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Bulletproof will: Build unbreakable discipline in 23 days

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Your lack of discipline is killing your future.

You are here because you want more out of life.

Maybe you want to stop being skinnyfat and be fit and healthy instead.

Maybe you are tired of your mediocrity but aren't able to stop procrastinating to work on your goals.

Maybe you just know you need to improve your life but are too lazy to do what must be done.

Regardless of why you're here, one thing's for sure: the life you envision, the life you dream about, with the freedom, the success, the deep relationships, the healthy and strong body, the admiration of those around you, that life you dream of requires you to be disciplined.

Why 23 days? Why not 30?

Because I don't want you to make excuses and claim you'll wait until next month, next monday, or next year to start.

23 is an uneven number, and bears no relationship to months, weeks, or anything. It's a number that means you can get started NOW.

You don't need to wait until monday, next month, or next year to change your life.

Give me 23 days, and I'll take you step-by-step, day-by-day, from a lazy and unmotivated modern man, to a highly disciplined, extremely energetic, high-vril, high-thumos, high-testosterone warrior.

Click the "I want this button" and be on the way to building the life of your dreams tomorrow.

Or, stay in the couch and watch your life pass you by...

It's completely up to you.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?
For any and every man that is tired of wasting time being lazy, undisciplined, and weak. It's a challenge that you'll undertake for the next 23 days to build ironclad discipline.

Will I learn about the theory of discipline?
Yes, you will, but the main mechanism of this program is ACTION. Discipline can only be built through action, and I will tell you EXACTLY what to do each day to gradually build your discipline up.

Does this program work if I work nights?
Yes and no. It is not made for people working nights because it is very specific and requires a morning routine, but you will still get some benefits from the other aspects of the program.

Click the "I want this!" button to get started.

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Bulletproof will: Build unbreakable discipline in 23 days

11 ratings
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