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Life as a man can be hard.

Men are becoming increasingly isolated.
They are lost, and lonely.

Many of them have no group of male friends with whom to grow together.

And as a result, many men are losing in the Game of Life...

Perhaps you are struggling to find a purpose...

Perhaps you feel as though the world is against you...

Perhaps you feel like what the world offers you is unnatural or unfulfilling.

Maybe you feel lonely and somewhat lost.

Maybe you need someone in your corner.

Someone to support you and help you reach your goals.

Someone to have your back.

Someone to hold you accountable.

Someone to push you towards your full potential.

Or just someone who has managed to improve his life, who has learned how a man should act, and who can give you some guidance as to how to navigate an increasingly complicated world.

That's what you will find here:

A community of men committed to a single purpose: to grow as men, together, and learn how to thrive in the modern world.

If you choose to take this opportunity, here's what you will get:

  • Biweekly online group meetings of different kinds, ranging from live Q&As to conferences by experts and special guests, from practical lessons and courses to open mic and support sessions where members will be able to ask for the advice of the community.
  • Monthly "quests" or challenges that we will undertake together, that will help you improve a specific area of your life.
  • A group chat with all community members, as well as the possibility to have private chats with anyone in the community.
  • In the "Topics" section, you'll find resources, links, documents, and discussions about various relevant topics. These forums are open 24/7.
  • Discounts, early access to future Simple Men courses and free exclusive gifts. 
  • Most importantly, you'll find a community, a brotherhood of men to push each other up, and rise together. We'll all achieve results we want but are nearly impossible to get on our own without a community.

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While you’re reading this, others took action and are already building their best selves inside the community.

They are making progress and forging brotherhoods.

So while you’re scrolling, trying to decide if this community is worth it....

They have taken the leap and are getting massive value in return.

If you start now, you could be doing the same right now.

One last thing:

Kings Academy won't stay long at this price.

I’ll actually raise it soon.


Because as the community grows it becomes more and more valuable...

We're adding new modules, lessons, and benefits all the time.

That’s why I'll be raising the price.

But if you join Kings Academy today…

You’ll lock in your spot for the current price.


Subscribe now with a 50% discount and get for completely free:

  • One-year periodized training program
  • Simple Wealth Ebook
  • Simple Strength Ebook
  • Force Ebook

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Kings Academy

9 ratings